Forex Gold Investment and Calculation Logic


The Forex gold market is always a very risky, but in turn a very profitable investment model. Although the gold price has declined a little due to the developments in recent days, gold is always gold.

Gold is always an investment tool for people. All currencies in the world depend on the economy of a country, and in an event that a country experiences, the currency of that country gains or loses value. However, gold is a reliable investment tool because it is not connected to any economy in the world. You must have said one day, “Let me take it and keep it here, it is valued every day” and bought gold.

Recently, gold has made its highest increase and many people have made big money thanks to this increase. He has regressed a little recently, we are aware of that. There are a lot of people who make money thanks to gold bought both physically and with forex, but one of the problems of physics is that it is not taken at will. During Forex gold trading hours, you have the opportunity to trade 24/7 whenever you want, and with the leverage system I described earlier, the gain is more in the form of 100 instead of 1.

Forex Gold Purchase Calculation

Let me explain with an example, it will be more explanatory. It is calculated in Ounces of Gold. So you bought 3 Lots of gold and the price of an Ounce of gold is 1130.00 (the figure is an example), you bought 3 lots, 1 lot is the size of 100 Ounces. 3 Lots becomes 300 Ounces, as well as you spend 300×1130,00 = 339,000 dollars. Of course, you are waiting for gold to increase, and let’s say the price of gold rose to 1150.00, for example, 3 days later. we said 1 lot 100 Ounces, so the price of the horse would be $ 115,000 to you, you bought 3 lots,(300×1150,00) it was $ 345,000. You bought it for $339,000 and sold it for $345,000, so you made $6,000. Of course, let me remind you once again that this big gain is with the help of the leverage system.

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