What is the Forex Triangle Formation?


The Forex triangle formation is a topic that you should know if you are going to try to make money on forex. Forex, which earns the most among investment instruments, also has the feature that makes it lose the most after Deceptive moves. That’s why you should be careful and not make hasty decisions.

There are many different terms and concepts in the Forex markets. In order to be able to make profitable transactions in the markets, to understand economists clearly and to follow the direction of market trends, it is absolutely necessary to know these concepts. One of the concepts used in the Forex market is the triangle formation.

We have tried to explain the answer to the question of what is the Forex triangle formation in detail for you in our article. The triangle formation is divided into three as the descending triangle formation, the ascending triangle formation and the symmetrical triangle formation. The triangle formation indicates the continuation of the trend in general.

What is the Forex Triangle Formation?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article before moving on to Forex formations, forex is among the riskiest investment instruments. Dec. The biggest reason for this is also due to the leverage system. You can earn very high amounts of money at a time, as well as you can lose money in amounts that you never expected. That’s why we advise you to read the graphics well, not to rush and be careful.

Among the Forex triangle formation, the symmetrical formation is the first one that we will Decipher. The symmetrical triangle formation is a formation that can occur during the continuation of both upward and downward trains. This formation is formed by descending highs and rising lows.

Thanks to the symmetrical triangle formation, a symmetrical triangle emerges with highs and lows combined. During this period, the volume is recording a serious decrease. In general, the symmetrical triangle formation ends with the triangle breaking in the trend direction, and while a serious increase in prices is observed, a downward or upward movement occurs as far as the widest point of the formation.

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